Avoid Working Up a Sweat in Your Gym Search


We’re ready to hit the gym and it’s not even New Year’s yet! If your motivation goes beyond a New Year’s resolution, you’ve already got one thing going for you- motivation. Keep your momentum moving by finding the right gym for you. But don’t get too anxious over the process- selecting a gym should be an easy task, not one filled with a lot of challenges.

Finding the right gym for you is important. Take some time and do it right and it’ll pay off handsomely. Now, are we talking about the guys in the gym or…?

Let’s be clear, it’s winter time. It’s snowing. It’s cold. Gyms are great because you can exercise in them year round. Even so, you want to pick a place that is not too far out of your normal traffic pattern. Why? Every little bit of effort you need to make to get there is going to be one more reason you decide to stay in and watch tv instead. When there is a blizzard outside you are not going to want to drive 15 miles so that you can hop on the treadmill. Be sure to pick a place close to you!

Since it is so cold out, consider the facilities and how they’ll help you feel good before, during, and after your workout. Gone are the days where you need to head home after a solid workout in your own cold, sweat-soaked clothes. Look for a place with a fantastic shower room. If you can, a sauna, wet or dry, will help your muscles relax after a great workout. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even make some new friends at the gym during that relaxing time post-workout.

If you’ve finally found what seems like the perfect place for you, be sure to inquire into what classes they offer. Sure, you’re motivated now. But what happens if you hit a slump? Enrolling in a class will keep you committed to coming back every week- or better yet, thrice weekly.

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