DIM for good health: heart, cancer and more


DIM is the main active metabolite of IC3 and is becoming popular nowadays; even in men’s bodybuilding world. Its properties like help in burning fat, gaining muscle mass and enhanced energy levels are the reason behind this. But there is no study which proves this usage of DIM.

Prostate cancer and DIM:

DIM is mostly used to regulate estrogen levels. This can be very effective in preventing estrogen-sensitive cancers. Some of them include uterine, breast, prostate, cervical, and colorectal cancers. Even though studies and research should be needed in this field, there is a belief that it will work well in preventing cancer. This is based on the fact that regulating testosterone will give protection against dominance of estrogen.

Oncogenesis is developed mainly due to high level of estrogenic compounds in the body. This is same for both men and women. This condition can also lead to gynecomastia. This is nothing but development of male breasts.  DIM can handle these situations and can regulate the estrogen level in men. DIM is also effective in RRP and in the treatment of prostate enlargement.

Safety measures:

 The amount of DIM synthesized through daily diets is 2-24mg. This is the safe amount in men. If one crosses this limit and increases the dose, there can be side effects. The common effects include GI discomforts, and headaches. But along with these side effects also it is considered safe for use.

If the dose crosses 300mg then DIM supplementation is said to be unsafe. This condition can lead to hyponatremia where there will be deficiency in sodium level in the serum. This can be corrected if brought to immediate medical attention. If untreated, this will definitely lead to severe conditions including death.

To maintain weight, insulin sensitivity is important. When there high amount of insulin present in the body, that can result in storing more calories rather burning them to get energy. If the fat is stored in thighs and hips for women it is considered to be a safe pattern. But when it is stored near stomach then it is considered unhealthy. Safe pattern of fat storage is influenced by estrogen in women. When an individual has an aim to lose weight, then this property of estrogen becomes problematic.

Effects of DIM:

Women who have high estrogen level may experience problems to lose weight and they may develop too much weight in hips and thighs. There are many sources of estrogen in the women body. Ovaries, adrenals, fat cells and reproductive cells produce estrogen in women. High level of estrogen may result in issues like uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, gallstones, cervical dysplasia, and endometriosis. In men through aromatase estradiol synthesizes estrogen from testosterone. Earlier it was believed that estrogen is important only in women. But it is not true. It is necessary hormone both for men and women. If estrogen level is found imbalanced either in men or women, that can result in increased chance of cancer mainly it can lead to breast, uterine, and prostate cancers.

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