Embrace the Booty Boom


Toronto’s been lucky with the type of weather it’s been having this winter, but the warm weather had to end sometime. The true face of winter was bound to rear its ugly head one of these day. Now that the snow has arrived and the deep freeze has set in, you’re dreaming about your summer holidays. Nearly a half a year away, there’s a lot more than just snow and cold weather separating you from donning your bikini. Besides time, it’s your beach body (or lack thereof) that’s coming in between you and bearing it all.

The winter weather certainly doesn’t help, as all it makes you want to do is curl up under a blanket and load up on some carbs. Your body seems to be working against you, too. Even though you’ve managed to resist the pull of your couch for a regular fitness routine at your gym, you haven’t seen any results. Sure, you’re fit, but you’re lacking that curvy silhouette that would look great on the beach – specifically a round backside that fills out your bikini.

Just like Kim Kardashian and NickiMinaj before you, you want to have the round bum and slim waist that will get heads turning. Unfortunately, it’s rare that a woman is naturally endowed with that kind of figure. In fact, it’s arguable there’s nothing ‘natural’ about their hourglass silhouettes. It’s likely that anyone you see with a bodacious behind is just another woman to join the booty boom, meaning they’ve undergone a surgical enhancement to create their wonder butt.

Brazilian butt lifts are quickly becoming a popular surgery for those women who want to transform their flat, undefined bottoms into the backside more befitting a Kardashian and Minaj. Toronto’s no different. Women have been capitalizing on butt injection treatments in Toronto to create the figure that they’ve always wanted.

It’s a relatively safe procedure that combines liposuction and injectables. At first, a plastic surgeon will remove unwanted fat from neighbouring parts of the body like the waist, stomach, love handles, and thighs. This stage slims the body down in order to create more contrast between a trim stomach and a voluminous backside. The fat collected from these areas is then used to enhance the buttocks. This stage requires a skilled hand and a trained eye to inject the fat at various depths all over the buttocks to create a balanced, well-designed, and seemingly natural butt.

The result is a perkier, firmer, and better looking butt, and its sexy, natural look is what makes the Brazilian butt lift Toronto’s leading enhancement. Both safe and effective, it can transform your body into one you’re proud of showing off. As a Brazilian butt lift will require some down time (like all plastic surgery), now is the perfect time to embrace the booty boom. Find a reputable plastic surgeon and schedule your enhancement so you have the body you want just in time for the summer.

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