Finding Healthy Food in Unusual Places


When you’re on the go and hoping to get healthier, you need to get as resourceful as possible. It might seem odd to some that you’d be working out in the stairwell at the office on your lunch break- but you do it because that is what it takes to get fit. Is it weird that you bike to work in the rain and bring a fresh change of clothes? No, because you are trying to stay in shape. Why should you feel bad about bringing a tuna melt to the office just because others want to turn their nose up at your protein-packed sandwich and gluttonously chow down on a burger? If you are looking out for what’s best for your body, don’t feel self-conscious about the lengths you go to secure good, healthy fare.

When you’re out and about, sometimes you need to pop in for a quick energizer. It may seem odd, but even donut shops can be your best friend. As America grows increasingly aware of its health crisis, donut shops like Shipley Do-Nuts offer a range of fruit smoothies and energy drinks to keep even the health-conscious customers powered through the day. It might feel strange to jog into a donut shop with your running gear on, considering the stereotype of donut shop customers. But that’s okay!

What’s important is that you are taking care of your body. In order to keep your body filled with the calories it needs, you need to make sure you are taking in vital nutrients regularly. Don’t be afraid to frequent unusual spots in your quest for high-energy, nutrient dense superfoods.

But beware- donut shop customers have their stereotype for a reason! Just because it might seem odd that you’re working out in the stairwell doesn’t mean you need to stop. And remember, so what if your coworkers don’t get the tuna sandwich? Just because you’ve stepped into a donut shop doesn’t mean you need to leave with a baker’s dozen!

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