How to Fix Stained Teeth


As time goes by most people will find that their teeth are starting to look a bit stained. For the most part these stained teeth are caused by habits such as smoking, but even more mundane things like drinking wine or coffee can also slowly but surely begin to stain your teeth.

While regular brushing can help prevent stained teeth to a degree, it isn’t really a long term fix and once your teeth start showing signs of discoloration then brushing alone is probably not going to cut it. If you’d like to fix your stained teeth there are several steps that you could take to do so – such as:

  • Strengthen your teeth

While this won’t fix your teeth that are already stained, it can help to prevent them from getting worse. Aside from good oral hygiene habits, to strengthen your teeth you need to make sure that you’re consuming sufficient calcium and vitamin C. It also helps to use toothpaste that contains fluoride.

  • Avoid food and drinks that cause stains

Wine, coffee, and tea are often regarded as the ‘biggest causes’ of stained teeth when it comes to food and drink and should be avoided at all costs. Also it is worth noting that sugary foods are fairly bad too as are overly acidic foods such as citrus as they can weaken your teeth.

Of course smoking or consuming tobacco in other ways is going to make things that much worse so if possible that should be avoided as well.

  • Attempt to use DIY whiteners

Nowadays you can find DIY whiteners that basically consist of small whitening strips that bleach your teeth. Before you use these whiteners you should consult your dentist, but they could help to remove some of the stains on your teeth and are especially effective when coupled with all the other steps you should be taking to strengthen your teeth and avoid the common causes of staining.

  • Try professional teeth whitening

The single most effective way to fix stained teeth remains having your teeth whitened by a professional. With teeth whitening Northampton services at Cliftonville Dental, 65 The Avenue, Cliftonville, Northampton, NN1 5BT, you’ll find that you could slowly but surely fix teeth that are badly stained and when these are coupled with DIY whiteners the end result should be pretty amazing.

Removing the stains from your teeth and restoring your brilliant white smile will have a marked effect on your appearance. Not only will it make you feel more confident, but you will also find that you look that much younger too due the fact that stained teeth often make people look a lot older than they are. As you can see, it really is quite possible to fix stained teeth – so why not give it a go for yourself.

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