Is it useful to take steroid to strength, speed, endurance and muscle size?


Attractive physique and muscular body is demand of every man in the modern hi-tech time. Being seriously concerned about this demand, youth is striving hard to find out new and effective ways to attain muscular body swiftly. It doesn’t mean that they don’t know about workouts for muscle buildings or they don’t want to join gyms but they want results within a short time period. For this purpose, they are not even hesitating in taking anabolic steroids; a kind of drug that resembles to androgenic hormones. Let’s know more about this drug and its side effects on the body –

Mechanism of steroids

Many sportsmen are even interested in using this drug for strength, speed, endurance and muscle size. There is no lack of athletes and bodybuilders who says that anabolic steroids helped them to train harder and recover faster. Also they state that it becomes hard for them to recover when they stop taking this drug, so is it really effective to take anabolic steroids for recovery of muscles during workout? The answer is yes; these steroids work under an exclusive mechanism that helps the consumer to recover faster. Actually, anabolic steroids act as androgenic hormones and they work by interfering with the effect of cortisol hormone on the body that involves in breakdown of tissues during and after workout. This is how, they speed up recovery. Along with this, anabolic steroids decrease the secretion of testosterone hormone in the body.

What happens when a person stops taking steroids?

Anabolic steroids are having drug nature and that’s why, stopping them is generally affiliated with more problems. One who takes steroid for muscles building will face rapid loss of muscular strength and size after stopping the anabolic steroid because the catabolic effects of cortisol are increased during this period. The rebound effect of cortisol with its receptors will result in following problems –

  • Chance of serious side effects due to stopping the steroids after long term administration
  • Suppression of immune system by cortisol
  • Probability of physiological addiction
  • Prone to diseases due to weakness

Steroids and performance

Although, the effects of anabolic steroids are not very clear on the body because all the studies have failed to demonstrate the enhancement of endurance capacity by intake of steroids still on the basis of its mechanism and interviews of regular users, it has been concluded that these steroids work by fastening the recovery period. Some researchers state that the real effect of these steroids are results of the ‘psychosomatic state’ under which the consumer bears tolerance to stress, aggressive performance and sensation of well being. These feelings turn the user into a passionate trainee who works hard for strength, speed, endurance and muscle size.

After reading all the above points mentioned about the anabolic steroids, it is important to know that they leave severe side effects on the body like every other drug. Increased chances of heart attack, early baldness, breast enhancement in men, increased facial hair growth in women, mood swings, weakened immunity, infertility are some serious results of long term intake of this steroid.


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