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The beauty and cosmetics industry is experiencing a boom, and with so many fashion conscious people, all trying to look their best, it’s not hard to understand why. Beauty clinics are everywhere in the cities and suburbs, offering a range of innovative treatments designed to make you look more attractive.

A new concept

Dermal therapy is a new solution that bridges the gap between beauty therapy and cosmetic surgery. If you are looking for Dermal therapy in Perth, you will be happy to know there are reputable clinicsthat offer a range of treatments.

Cosmetic injectables

Wrinkle relaxers are derived from naturally occurring protein extracts, and is generally well tolerated with the minute doses used in the treatment. A small dose is injected into the wrinkle area, and once the muscles are relaxed, the overlying frown line may be reduced. The effects can be seen after two or three days, and the peak results would be about three weeks after the treatment.

Dermal filler treatment

Dermal fillers are made from sugar chains or hyaluronic acid (HA), which is found naturally in the body, and its role is to provide hydration for the skin. This treatment can revitalise your facial features by restoring facial lines that have softened with age. It can also correct asymmetries, and restore facial balance. Dermal filler treatments are long lasting but not permanent, and regular top-up sessions are required.


The most effective way to remove unwanted hair, electrolysis is the only scientific means to permanently remove hair, and has been used in the cosmetic industry for many years. Your dermal therapy clinic will have an electrologist who can tell you if this treatment is suitable.


Diathermy treats thread veins, or broken capillaries, which are found on the cheeks of many men and women today. Thread veins can occur when a person has,

  • Sensitive skin
  • Suffered sunburn
  • An allergy to medication

Smoking is also known to cause thread veins, and the treatment is long lasting, with no side effects.


Using a fusion of glycolic peel and vitamins, microhydrabrasion exfoliates the upper layers of skin, while stimulating collagen growth in the lower layers. This treatment is ideal for,

  • Rough skin
  • Acne
  • Sun related skin damage
  • Uneven skin tone

Chemical peels

Low strength lactic acid is used to lower the skin’s PH, and triggers the release of growth agents that create tighter, smoother skin. Chemical peels are used to treat,

  • Problematic skin conditions
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

The procedure is safe, painless, and there is no downtime.

Modern Beauty Services

Medical skin needling

Also known as Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI), medical skin needling induces extra collagen production, facilitating natural repair and growth. This treatment is used for,

  • Removal of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restoring elasticity to the skin
  • Improving stretch marks
  • Reducing acne scarring

Dermal therapy is an essential component of the cosmetics industry, and provides treatment for a number of cosmetic conditions. So, if you feel the need to remove a few wrinkles, or clear up that acne, contact your local dermal therapy clinic.

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