New Menopause Treatments Can Change Your Life


The effects of hormones are a remarkable thing. Responsible for the changes in puberty, it’s stimulates your sexual development into adulthood. They’re in charge of your metabolism and sending messages throughout your body in order to induce change throughout your life. When they start to fluctuate and decline in the female body, it’s the cause of menopause.

Menopause is normal and natural for every woman, but for some women it is not simple or easily tolerated. Hot flashes, foggy thinking, mood swings, weight gain, reduced sex drive, and changes in skin and hair are just a few of the negative side effects of menopause. For some women, these side effects are merely nuisances, but for other women they can be extreme and drastically affect their quality of life. For these women, there are treatments available that can help control these side effects and improve their quality of life.

Doctors once prescribed combined hormone therapy or estrogen alone to treat menopausal problems. But, these women were at a greater risk for blood clots, stroke, and cancer. One of the most recent treatments that reduce such risks is BHRT or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Using naturally derived plant-based hormones that are identical to those produced in the body, it is more readily and safely accepted by the body.

Every woman is physically different from every other woman and that includes her hormone levels. As she enters peri-menopause and menopause, individual hormone levels can vary greatly from one woman to the next. BHRT is a much better treatment for menopausal side effects because it is customized for each patient’s individual need. That is what makes BHRT such a different and innovative approach in treating a woman’s hormonal imbalances.

What does BHRT treatment involve? Treatment begins with a complete assessment of a woman’s health and individual hormone levels. Non-invasive samples are taken of saliva and blood. From these samples, the physician and a compounding pharmacist work together to develop a unique treatment that includes just the right hormones at just the right levels for each individual patient.

Not every physician is trained in BHRT, nor is every pharmacist a compounding pharmacist. That is why it is important to find a provider who is reputable and well-trained in BHRT and who works with a capable and knowledgeable compounding pharmacist. Working together, these professionals can help each woman suffering from menopause to have a much better quality of life. To find out if the chosen clinic has a professional staff, women should schedule a consultation and ask them questions like, “what are your qualifications?” and “what is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?” If they take the time to answer these questions in full, then one will know whether or not they’ve settled on a reputable clinic.

While hormones are responsible for many of the functions of the body, left unchecked they can create unreasonable and painful side effects during menopause. For those women experiencing detrimental effects of menopause, BHRT is a new and effective treatment that will rebalance troublesome hormones and change their lives for the better.

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