The Magnificent Power of Magnesium


Our bodies need a vast range of different vitamins and minerals to function optimally. A lack of even one of the members of this large group of vital compounds could mean that you run the risk of suffering from all kinds of unpleasant diseases. Even if you are lucky enough to avoid disease, you’ll still have a poorer quality of life in terms of your overall well-being if you neglect to include enough vitamin- and mineral-rich foods in your diet. One of the most important and, for whatever reason, most neglected of the dietary minerals is magnesium. Read on to learn more about what magnesium can do for your health and well-being.

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What’s so Great about Magnesium?

Some micronutrients serve very specific functions and thus their deficiency in your body causes very predictable disease states. This not the case at all when it comes to magnesium. This mineral has such a wide range of functions in the body that you can suffer from a variety of diseases with rather generic symptoms from which it can be hard for your doctor to make a diagnosis. As such, it would be wise to include as many magnesium-rich foods in your diet as is possible. The last thing you want is to undergo lengthy diagnostic procedures only to find out that you could have taken simple preventative measures to begin with. Of course, if you’re struggling to achieve your recommended daily intake of this vital mineral, then you will probably benefit from taking magnesium tablets as a dietary supplement.

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What Does Magnesium Do?

Perhaps the most important role that magnesium plays is in energy production within the body. It is used by every cell in your body to convert macronutrients, which is carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, into a useable energy source. This is precisely why magnesium deficiency results in fatigue and lethargy. This role is particularly important when it comes to the proper functioning of the muscles that move your skeleton and thus your body from place to place.

Does Magnesium Do

Magnesium also contributes to the proper balance between acidic and alkaline substances in your body. When your body is too acidic, it becomes much more difficult to absorb all manner of vital nutrients. It also promotes the overgrowth of certain bacterial species in your gut, resulting in a microbial imbalance and subsequent weight gain. Simply put, magnesium puts a stop to this issue and allows your gut to work optimally to take in all the nutrients you need.

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Many people find that the stressful nature of modern life leaves them feeling exhausted. This may be more than just a psychological issue for a significant proportion of them. Even psychological stress correlates with an increase in physical stress, leaving you feeling too tired to do anything. When you increase your magnesium intake, you’ll find that a sizeable part of this stress just melts away. Make sure you take a supplement and include this vital mineral in your diet to maintain great health and well-being.

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