The Truth behind the Myths of Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone replacement therapy is done to replace hormones lost because of menopause. Mood swings, night sweats, libido issues and weight fluctuations are some problems related to menopause. The effects of aging are quite devastating. Although there are different treatment options only very few people perceive the benefits of this therapy.

This therapy works for men and women going through emotional and physical symptoms. Womens hormone therapy protects women from age-related diseases, osteoporosis and bone-degenerating disease. There are many myths regarding this therapy. It is time to learn the truth behind those.

Womens hormone therapy

Common myths:

  • Hormone replacement therapy is not safe: This industry is regulated just like synthetic hormone therapy that is administered by pharmaceutical industry and this therapy is safe.
  • There are chances of getting cancer after the treatment: Improper hormone levels cause great damage to a person if he/she is already affected by cancer. When women have hormone fluctuations they are susceptible to uterine, endometrial and breast cancer. Men are susceptible to prostrate and testicular cancer when they experience hormone fluctuations. Hormone replacement therapies are not the reason for cancer.
  • Blood clots occur: This problem occurred during the initial development days of this therapy, as the earlier treatments weren’t individualized. Today’s treatments don’t pose such risks. Due to the advancements in the therapy, women go through a healthy post-menopausal stage, as there is a balance of estrogens.
  • It addresses only the symptoms that are present: The symptoms of menopause, pre-menopause and post-menopause are alleviated by continuous regulation of hormones. This therapy mimics the natural biological functions thereby maintaining the hormone levels. Thus, patients are prevented from unpleasant side effects.

the hormone levels

  • It works only when the menopause is induced naturally: Some women undergo treatments to medically induce menopause. There is a common myth that only synthetic options must be used on women, who have medically induced menopause.
  • One needn’t continue the therapy after menopause: Hormonal changes take place even after menopause. Bio-identical hormone treatments prevent the long-term side effects caused by menopause.
  • Only women have benefits after bio identical HRT: Men also benefit from bio-identical treatments if their testosterone levels are low. When they have low testosterone levels men suffer from fatigue, loss of sex drive and weight fluctuations. By undergoing this therapy their hormones are regulated and can lead a happy and healthy life.
  • The therapy doesn’t focus on weight issues: Doctors tell that even women, who maintained healthy weight before menopause struggles with maintaining their weight after menopause. This therapy balances hormones and help women to regain energy.

Therapy weight issues

  • Synthetic hormone treatments are better: Some people are of the opinion that synthetic treatments are better as they are created by scientists and the testing is done rigorously. The truth is that bio identical therapy is better and a natural alternative. They are indeed made out of natural sources like plants.

The main advantage of hormone replacement therapy is that it addresses specific needs of a person. It is tailored to meet every individual’ needs regarding his or her hormone imbalance.

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