Top 5 Ways To Detox Your Kidneys


What is kidney cleansing? What are the ways on how to cleanse your kidneys? For those who are not familiar with the process, it simply means detoxifying your kidneys to get rid of the harmful chemicals and toxins that must have accumulated in your kidneys for the entire years that it has been working in excretion of your waste products through urine.

A kidney detox is important since it makes your kidneys become healthier and more functional in working. There many ways on how to cleanse your kidneys, and as a matter of fact, there are also natural kidney cleanse techniques that you can try which are all very easy and can be done even at the comforts of your own homes.

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  1. Kidney Cleansing Fast

A kidney cleansing fast is a form of fasting that particularly aims to help detoxify your kidneys. When you fast, you are giving your kidney ample time to rest and it will also give them time to heal the damages that might have been caused by flushing out the toxins from your body including repairing those damaged tissues.

Fasting does not necessarily mean that you will not eat or drink at all. In fact, regular herbal tea consumption is highly encouraged since it hastens the procedure of flushing out toxins. Organic fruit juices are also advisable since they contain many components that are beneficial for your kidney function However, fasting is not meant for diabetic people and it is best if you consult with your doctor what the best kidney cleansing technique is suitable for you.

Kidney Cleansing Fast

  1. Watermelon Cleansing Method

You simply have to eat watermelons when you use such cleansing technique. However, you need to sit on a tub or the toilet so that you can pass out urine as often as necessary. This particular technique will help you dissolve your kidney stones if you have any.

  1. Celery And Parsley Mix

Mix a cup of parsley and celery leaves to a one and half quarts of distilled water and boil for 15 minutes. Let simmer for 10 minutes. Drink the concoction four to five times a day during fasting to aid in a thorough cleansing of your kidneys.

  1. Water Therapy

We all know that water is very important to our body, most especially to our kidneys. Hence, one of the easiest and also most recommended way to undergo a kidney cleanse is to submit yourself to a water therapy which involves drinking water not less than the half of your body weight. You may also add salt on a glass of water that you will drink since this will better help in flushing out the toxins.

Water Therapy

  1. Vitamin And Herbal Supplements May Be Added

There are herbal kidney cleansers such as yellow dock, buchu leaves, astaxanthin and the flower dandelion. These cleansers help you maintain balance in your sodium and potassium levels as well as help in the prevention of water retention. Other vitamins and supplements like vitamin k, riboflavin, thiamine and barberry extract may help your kidney prevent stones too. They are also good in treating bladder and kidney problems.

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