What are Effects of Using Steroids?


The major reason why several people have been using steroids would be them having tried several bodybuilding programs along with products that did not work for them. There have been several products available online on the bodybuilding. Moreover, a majority of them have not been good, as they do not produce any desirable result after using them. People have been tired and frustrated of trying to build muscles. Therefore, they have begun using steroids. They do not mind the negative effects of the drug. Steroids assist in boosting the testosterone production in your body. It would cause quick and tremendous muscle growth.

Usage of steroids

Moreover, several female bodybuilders have been using steroids for boosting their muscle growth. These have been people, who would be searching for quick result for competing in bodybuilding contests. All they would desire has been one important moment of glory.

Steroids were banned long time ago

The use of this substance has also been banned long time ago. Steroids have been banned due to people discovered that it would cause considerable damage than good. Therefore, in case you have been thinking of using it, you should be aware that it has been illegal. Moreover, you should find out more about its drawbacks.

The chemical substance has been a major cause of premature death due to its negative effects. Couple of drawbacks have been given below.


Usage of this substance could cause lung cancer in both male and female bodybuilders.


It has been a common side effect for men who make use of steroids.

High BP

People using steroids have been known to suffer from high blood pressure. It would also cause various other heart diseases.

Losing metabolism

Usage of steroids would cause loss of body metabolism that would result in abnormal weight gain.

Change in voice

Female bodybuilders have been known to have thicker voice.

Breast shrinkage

Women would experience breast shrinkage. On the contrary, men might suddenly develop breasts.

The aforementioned negative effects of using steroids have been only a few. Therefore, in case you want to live a lengthy and healthy life, you should stay away from this particular chemical substance.

There have been several things that you could do to boost production of your body testosterone. Some of them have been less consumption or complete stoppage of alcohol. It is imperative that you do more squats, as it would assist in boosting muscle growth. Working hard along with good supplement diet would be a good source for building desired muscles.


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