Whiplash Injury Recovery Exercises


A whiplash injury is definitely not that easy to deal with. This is one of the most common of the problems that appear with injuries & accidents when vehicles are involved. In rear collisions the injuries are much more common than what you may think and there are so many such accidents that happen on a daily basis. After whiplash you can end up with disability and pain. The degree at which you are affected ranges from really simple to highly complicated. In many situations we are faced with big problems since simple neck movements become very tough. Neck joints are vital for the human body.

When whiplash appears, the doctor is the first person you have to talk to. You want to know the damage that is present and you need to be aware of the different possible treatment options to be considered. Obviously, in most cases physiotherapists will help you to recover. The good news is that you can do many exercises alone. Speeding up recovery is something you really want to do since whiplash injury recovery is something that can take a lot of time.

The Initial Recovery Exercises

Most of these can be done while you lie down with pillows under the head. You want to have the neck relaxed and your muscles should not be active. Gentle movements within personal painful ranges have to be performed. Do not go over the limit. If you feel that the pain grows, you went over. The best thing you can do is to perform such exercise hourly. Just make sure that you do not lie down too much. The head should be kept up for some time since this will make the neck stronger as time passes.

Prescribed Neck Exercises

After it is easy for you to stay in an upright position for a good time length, you want to talk with the physiotherapist and see what neck exercises you can do alone. The goal is to always encourage movement range. We cannot tell you what exercises to do because the best ones for one individual will not be the best one for someone else. The professional will offer recommendations based on the whiplash injury extent you have to deal with.

Increasing Movements

As time passes and you begin recovering from the whiplash injury new exercise will be added by the physiotherapist. A larger body area will be covered, including shoulders, upper thoracic area and shoulder girdle. Whiplash injuries affect more parts of the body so you want to deal with everything. A gradual range progression is important while also taking into account exercise force used. The idea is to stress neck joint so that it will increase its tolerance to movement and postural forces.


When referring to whiplash injury recovery exercise, the vital thing is to consider advice coming from professionals. Those that do not do this are going to usually make the condition worse or will slow down recovery. You want to be sure that you always listen to your body and that you do not exaggerate.

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