Why Right Sized Condoms are Deemed Important for Better Sexual Experience


Measuring the penis might appear an alarming continuation of man’s consistent worry for their penis size. However, the tape has been meant to measure the circumference of the man’s penis and not it length. In case, you wonder why, the process is to get the right size of condom. Safe sex has been deemed crucial for overall health of the penis. However, throwing on any kind of random protection has not been deemed adequate to protect against the spread of infections or unwanted pregnancy. You should have requisite understanding of why and how to get properly sized condoms online.  crbs0682569

Size and Slippage

Condoms have been about 98% effective for prevention of unwanted pregnancy, provided it should be used in the correct manner. Unfortunately, condom usage errors have been common, which would be inclusive of inadequate lubrication, improper storage, failing to look for damage and putting them on inside out. However, one big mistake that men might not realize they have been making is wearing condoms that would be either too small or too big. Condoms have been more likely to slip off or break, if they have not been of the right size for a man’s tool, which would expose both partners to possible infection and the female to possible pregnancy.



Men who have been made aware that condom size matters are likely to think that an appropriate size of the protectors would be based on length of the penis. However, this has been a misconception. A man with a slender, long penis might require snug or regular-sized condoms, whereas a man with a thicker but shorter tool might require a large variety.

The Right Fit

Men could use the following guidelines in order to Buy Lifestyle Condoms in order to get an idea of the kind of condom they should be using. A person having a penis with circumference below 4.7 inches, they should use a snug fit. People with circumference between 4.7 and 5.1 inches could make use of regular fit. However, people having penis circumference of above 5.1 inches should make use of large fit condoms.

Extra safety tips

Condoms can break in several ways. One of the most common ways has been inadequate lubrication. It has been known to expose the condom to ample of friction that would sometimes break it. However, having a quality lubricant on hand when natural wetness wears out would be always a good idea. It should be noted that oil-based lubricants such as baby oil and Vaseline should not be used in combination with latex condoms.9747c91c6757aef204620f419fea7c33

Find below some extra safety tips that would prove helpful in choosing the right condom.

Check out damage to condom if any

Check the condom for damage prior to usage, inclusive of the rapper. A puncture in the packaging might be indicative of a hole in the condom.

Leaving room at reservoir tip

You should leave room at the reservoir tip. It would ensure that the condom does not break when a man ejaculates. You should also smooth out air bubbles along the shaft prior to having sex.

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